What’s Wrong with US Healthcare? Let’s Talk About Advil

What’s Wrong with US Healthcare? Let’s Talk About Advil
A Lump in the Road column “Do you have any Advil with you?” a tech asked me. I was having a port installed. Prior to cancer treatment, my husband thought a port was a place to park a very big boat. I thought it was a delightful beverage to enjoy in moderation after a special dinner. In Northern California, where I lived, communities are surrounded by grapes that produce that strong syrupy treat. But I was having a different kind of port that day, and in a way, it was a treat, too. That day’s port was a little device planted under the surface of my skin that would allow medical professionals to inject me with the life-saving fluids I’d need over the course of my chemotherapy treatment. Those fluids would go through my port so my delicate veins wouldn’t have to be poked with needles every time I needed meds. Whoever came up with that idea was a genius. The guy who installed my port looked like a construction worker in scrubs. “I actually used to be a contractor,” he told me. “Then I switched careers.” The fact that this guy had been a builder was great comfort. I
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  1. Julie E. says:

    Just as this blogger is a self-employed, rural northern Californian diagnosed with breast cancer, I too fit these demographics and travel far for my care. (6500 miles in one year.) I too had to switch policies when the Affordable Care Act came in. It’s the best thing that could have happened to me regarding CA my diagnosis. I am continually grateful for the health insurance policy I was required to switch to and the amazing care I am receiving because of this Act. It has greatly improved my quality of life.
    The $26 Advil was overpriced long before the Affordable Care Act. It’s been that way in hospitals and ERs for decades. Have you ever talked to others who have been hospitalized in prior decades about their outrageous bills, most notably for Advil?
    Please don’t confuse issues and make the price of in-facility meds a political issue. It wasn’t the Affordable Care Act that did that. Please keep Breast Cancer News about breast cancer, and not make it a soap-box for pushing political policy. thank you.

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