Survivor Knits Breasts for Women Who’ve Had Mastectomies

This video from BBC Scotland features Sharon Simpson, a kind-hearted lady who spends her spare time knitting breasts for women who’ve undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer.

Bamboo bra helps aid recovery for breast cancer patients. 

After having a mastectomy five years ago, Sharon decided that she didn’t want breast reconfiguration but found the prosthetic breasts uncomfortable and heavy to wear, so she decided to knit a pair of breasts for herself. She now knits breasts for other women and has ready-made breasts varying in size and has even designed an option to wear swimming.

Sharon and her team of volunteer knitters, who she has christened “The Knockerettes,” knit around 300 pairs of breasts each month to donate to ladies in the U.K. Anyone in the U.K. who wants a pair can contact Sharon’s “Knitted Knockers” charity.

Breast cancer survivors participate in New York fashion show.

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  1. Donna Street says:

    I have Metaplastic BC and had a quite disfiguring lumpectomy 3/15/17. Maybe I can configure something to fill my lump-‘Pocket!’ But, I sincerely feel this woman deserves public recognition for her ingenious creation. It adds a bit of humor to a very tragic loss, AND serves a very necessary purpose!! God bless you Lady!

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