Increase in Double Mastectomies Might Not Be Necessary

Increase in Double Mastectomies Might Not Be Necessary
Deciding a course of treatment for breast cancer is between a patient and a doctor. Research and educating yourself is the best idea when it comes to weighing your options. Lately, many women are choosing to have a double mastectomy when they have cancer in only one breast. Anxiety about cancer returning and a less-than-thorough conversation

Knowledge is power when living with breast cancer.

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  1. Coral King says:

    I chose a double mastectomy, even though the cancer was only in one side. It was a matter of self-image. I just couldn’t imagine myself with one breast. By having a double mastectomy and double reconstruction, I will never have to wear a bra and prosthesis, trying to make the sides match. It is not only a matter of being cancer-free, but care-free. I don’t regret it one second.

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