Are Too Many Women Having Unnecessary Double Mastectomies?

In an article on Fox News, Dr. Manny Alverez talks about the high number of women with breast cancer who are choosing to have double mastectomies.

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In many cases of breast cancer, a double mastectomy is considered the last option of treatment, but in the United States, more and more young women are choosing to have both breasts removed rather than opting for a lumpectomy in the affected breast and then radiation therapy.

Unless there is a genetic link or the cancer is in both breasts, most women are advised against a double mastectomy. According to Dr. Alverez, there is no significant increase in the survival rate in patients who choose to remove both breasts.

According to the article, the rate of unnecessary double mastectomies varies from state to state, with seven states standing out as having the highest number of procedures: Maine, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, and Colorado.

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  1. Donna Street says:

    I have metaplastic breast cancer which does not respond to most chemo and following a lumpectomy with too narrow a clear margin on one side, I am facing a single mastectomy 3/23/17. Because I have a 60% heart blockage in my RCA that cannot be stented until it exceeds 70% (2 previous blockages were 96% & 99% and stented in 2012 and 2014), plus uncontrolled type II diabetes, I am a poor surgical risk. Did I mention I am 69 yrs young?! So, they say I can come back for the 2nd mastectomy after this one heals! – Yeah, sure!! ? Like I’m going to jump into that fire a second time!! Therefore, I am forced to live in complete paranoia of my mpBc re-occurring in the remaining breast. But, the M D Anderson surgeon says if both breasts are removed, the risks of the mpBc reoccurring in my lungs, brain, liver, and/or bones are increased. So, I can’t win for losing! Gonna be a uni-boobed Granny for as long as God grants me a breath.

  2. NoSpamReceived says:

    two discrediting words: Fox News

    Why would a website publish the above article, written by someone who happens to have an MD (maybe) but clearly lacks oncology or biostats experience/knowledge?

    Your website then goes on to publish this… What a waste of time the 1st article & this website is…

    Women Getting Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy 10 Times More Likely to Develop Second Primary Lung Cancer
    FEBRUARY 22, 2017

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