One-year Anniversary: Reflections of a Breast Cancer Survivor

One-year Anniversary: Reflections of a Breast Cancer Survivor
April 8 marked the one-year anniversary of the double mastectomy that erased cancer from my body. I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around it being a whole year. Because I'm busy, I didn't do anything spectacular on this anniversary, but it sure made me reflect. I have cerebral palsy, arthritis, and hiatal hernia, have had two C-sections and survived an abusive marriage. But nothing was more terrifying than dealing with breast cancer. A few months before my diagnosis, my husband and I were watching a television series "Chasing Life," about a young woman diagnosed with cancer. We watched it religiously and often discussed our reactions to the disease. Nothing prepares you for a cancer diagnosis, but the show helped keep me from feeling so alone or scared. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after two seasons. Putting my feelings into words for a double-mastectomy anniversary isn't easy. I have a mixture of emotions. I'm truly happy I'm alive. Unfortunately, too many women and men fail to survive breast cancer. To know I'm still breathing, can see a sunrise and sunset, hold my husband's hand ,and see my children grow feels absolutely amazing. I don't want to waste time, because I know how quickly it runs out. My life has changed since the double mastectomy. My chest will never feel the same. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, and I don't want to lie on my stomach because I know what I'm lying on. I am less tolerant of drama and procrastination. Drama, gossip, and all-round nonsense are time wasters. I have become more of a workaholic. It's not that new for me, but it's more intense. From the time I wake up until I lie down at night, I'm usually working on something. Unless of course, I'm busy being with my family. I want to make a mark on the wor
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