Overcoming Insecurities from Breast Cancer

Overcoming Insecurities from Breast Cancer
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Having breast cancer can lead to emotional distress and thousands of insecurities. When I learned that I had breast cancer, I felt like the clouds opened up and a brick house fell on top of me. These insecurities leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone — but you are never alone. Breast cancer leaves behind a secret sisterhood of those who came before you or are going through the cancer experience along with you. I want to share with you some of my insecurities as I went through breast cancer and as I adjust to my new body. From the moment that you hear the words "breast cancer," your mind goes to the worst possible conclusion. But you know what? It is completely natural to believe the worst because cancer is a totally scary disease. The possibility of death made me feel very insecure. First, I felt that I hadn't accomplished everything that I had wanted. How dare cancer take my future accomplishments away from me? I also didn't want to die because of my children. I haven't taught them everything that they need to know. And I didn't want them to have the trauma of losing their mother. I knew my daughter would have memories of me, but my son was only 2, so what memories would he have? I didn't want to leave my husband or family. I learned that when you have insecurities of death, you can combat them with actions. Each second with my children, family, and close friends mean so much more. I wrote letters to my children for the worst-case scenario. I held everyon
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