Endomag Receives CE Mark Approval for Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery Marker

Endomag Receives CE Mark Approval for Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Surgery Marker
Medical device developer Endomag has recently received CE Mark approval for Magseed, its minimally invasive breast marker used to guide surgeons during breast cancer surgery. Magseed will be distributed in Europe by Sysmex, a global laboratory diagnostics and healthcare company, as part of a new five-year distribution agreement for the Sentimag surgical guidance platform. Breast cancer patients with small, non-palpable breast tumors often undergo complex procedures to determine the tumor’s exact location before surgery. With Endomag’s technology, these patients can access a less-invasive alternative, since the device works as a magnetic surgical guidance probe that detects tumors. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the combined Magseed and Sentimag platform in April 2016. Magseed is the magnetic marker that allows a radiologist to accurately mark the tumor site with a seed smaller than a grain of rice, up to 30 days before surgery. Once implanted, it’s set firmly in place and cannot be dislodged before surgery. The patient can go home and carry out regular daily activities. Sentimag is a platform that sends audio-visual cues to surgeons to detect the marker during surgery. This frees the surgeon from having to select the best approach, reduces the surgery's invasiveness, and possibly provides a better cosmetic outcome. Sentimag was approved by the European
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