Double Mastectomy Linked to More Work Absences for Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Double Mastectomy Linked to More Work Absences for Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer
Double mastectomy, an aggressive surgical procedure to remove both breasts, increases the chances that early stage breast cancer patients will miss work for longer periods or stop working entirely, a new study found. However, the treatment is not linked to better survival rates, prompting researchers to suggest that employment and other quality of life factors

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  1. Anne says:

    I am being treated for Stage 2A breast cancer right now — one more chemo treatment to go! My doctors have told me “we’re going for a cure here”, and I totally believe it WITHOUT QUESTION.
    Breast cancer is not automatically a death…

    • Susan says:

      Anne, I am sending you my best as you finish your chemotherapy. I remember finishing a TAC regimen two years ago (right before Thanksgiving.) It is amazing what progress has been made with breast cancer. I hope we both can look forward to being long term survivors. Take Care,

  2. Debbie says:

    I think the focus should be on this quote “Patients with more employee benefits were less likely to miss work or leave altogether. Black patients were nearly two times more likely to have work affected than white patients.”
    The reasons women are opting for bilateral mastectomy vary. Did this study look at how much work is missed for follow up procedures, and women who had lumpectomies and then subsequent cancers.
    I am BRCA2+ and had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. My sister also positive did not. She is now Stage 4 BC.

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