10 Ways Exercise Is Beneficial When Going Through Cancer Treatment

Cancer is tough and so is the treatment. There will be times when you are so devoid of energy you may find it difficult to lift your head off the pillow but equally, there will be times when you have more energy and want to get out and be active. As the American Physical Therapy Association explains, there are many reasons why exercising while going through cancer treatment is good for you. These include: Reduces Fatigue Although it sounds counterproductive, exercise can actually help you feel less fatigued and give you more energy, helping you to get through that next round of treatment. Increases Muscle Strength Exercising regularly will help to maintain and increase muscle strength which will help you look and feel stronger. Reduces Stress Exercise has been proven to help alleviate stress, ease depression and anxiety, and release happy, feel-good hormones. MORE: How prevalent is cancer? Prevents Swelling Swelling and water retention (lymphedema) can be a major concern when going through cancer treatment. Regular exercise can help prevent or reduce swelling. Relieves Pain So long as you don't overdo it and injure yourself, exercising at a comfortable pace can help relieve pain. Helps Maintain a Healthy Body Weight Some cancer treatments may make patients put on weight. Exercise can help to maintain a patient's natural healthy weight. Reduces Brain Fog Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can result in brain fog for many people going through cancer treatment. Exercise
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