What to Eat This Season: A Guide for Cancer Patients at Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year again: Fat turkeys stuffed with a who-knows-what's-in-there secret family recipe. Yes, the once-a-year treats, mixed with holiday fun, family traditions, Hallmark movies and crazy food combinations have arrived. However the season isn't all fun and games for cancer patients, who may dread the thought of all that food or even the smell of something as bland as an unbuttered croissant roll. Here’s how to get through the holidays and still keep the season merry and bright: Anticipate  Have your strategy ready: Prepare ahead so you can keep yourself well. If you know Aunt Bess won’t rest until you taste her famous anchovy dip with her renown five-spice crackers, ask a trusted friend to make up your plate sans anchovy, or avoid conflict with Bess all together by dabbing a smidgen on your plate and chasing it around with your fork the way third graders do to avoid eating kale. Be creative. The takeaway:  Don’t make yourself sick just to meet someone else’s expectations. MORE: Four topics to discuss with your doctor after a cancer diagnosis Think Small During cancer treatment, food can be down right off-putting, but your body needs nutrition. To strike a balance, try giving yourself very small portions. While going back for more is always an option, starting with little samples can help you stay in control of your situation while giving your body the fuel it needs. But what if someone fills your plate like a lumberjack heading to the forest? No worries. You get to decide what you choose to enjoy. The takeaway: The only one who has to clean your plate is the person stuck with the dishes. About that smell… Sometimes you don’t have to taste food for it to make you feel nauseous – just the smell of it can do the t
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