How Cancer Helps Patients Reconnect With Their Spirituality

It’s hard to list the benefits of cancer, but some people find that this terrifying disease creates new inroads to their spiritual development. In fact, many patients say they never would have acquired their enhanced sense of spiritualism without it. Cancer survivors sometimes find themselves grateful for their brutal experience because it changed their perspective and and made them realize what really matters. Treatment is a great time to get your spiritual house in order.   The first step in building that foundation is through meditation (or prayer if you're a person of faith). Meditation doesn’t require any special skills or equipment and it doesn’t take much time. Some people visualize being stuck in the lotus position on a mountain top till their legs are permanently disfigured and all they can manage to say is “ommmmm.” It doesn’t have to be that way. Just find yourself a comfortable position in a place that’s quiet and let your mind relax. Taking deep, slow breaths will help you get to the right mental attitude. If you think you’ll be anxious about how long the process will take, set a timer for five minutes and promise yourself that when it dings, you’ll quit. That step can help newcomers relax into the process. MORE: How to use mindfulness to heal body and soul When you’re comfortable, focus on emptying your brain of thought. It’s harder than it sounds. During chemo, when you’re trying to remember a word or your best friend’s name, your mind can go blank. But during meditation, when you want to make your brain go blank, you may experience an onslaught of lists and useless trivia. It happens to
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