3 Easy Tea Recipes for Breast Cancer Patients


Even little girls know that a pretty teapot and a matching cup is a party waiting to happen. When you have cancer and need lots of fluids, a cup of hot tea can be just the thing to make you feel better.

These easy, delicious tea recipes will help you get enough fluids during chemotherapy, radiation, and the other rigors of treatment. Plus, since ginger and mint have properties that soothe the stomach, they might also help with nausea.

Both these teas are great over ice too, but when it’s so cold that even frozen iguanas are falling out of trees in typically sunny Florida, a mug of something hot, a good book, and a cozy blanket is a perfect way to spend the day.

Ginger tea
Chop a two-inch piece of fresh ginger root into small slices and add it to two cups of water. Bring the mixture to a rolling boil, remove from heat, and let it steep for five to seven minutes — or longer for a stronger cup of tea. Strain and serve.

You can drop in a few pieces of candied ginger or orange to add sweetness and a chewy treat to your tea party. Honey and lemon are also nice complements to this lovely beverage.

Ginger is one of those superfoods that food gurus encourage, but besides that, it just tastes good!

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Mint tea
Add 15 to 20 fresh mint leaves to a pot of boiling water, remove from heat, and let it steep for five to seven minutes. (Dried mint leaves can also be used.) Strain and serve. A few drops of honey is a nice addition.

Mint grows like a weed in the most challenging conditions and is a wonderful plant to keep on hand. In fact, it’s so easy to grow that some gardeners insist on keeping mint in pots so it doesn’t take over an entire landscape. Mint-lovers say it helps calm anxiety and depression, and it’s long been used to calm an upset stomach.

Naturally decaffeinated
Both these teas are caffeine-free, but if you prefer a little giddy up in your beverages, try mixing these recipes with green tea. The flavors blend well, and some nutritionists say that green tea has cancer-fighting qualities.

Of course, as with any dietary change — especially one involving herbs — make sure you get the go-ahead from your doctor. Then, relax and get the extra hydration you need with a delicious cup of tea.

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