My Hands Go Commando

My Hands Go Commando
A guy hit on me today. “That corn’s a deal,” he said to me over the bin at Walmart, his eyes twinkling and searching for mine. A toothpick dangled precariously from his lower lip, but he possessed “TV doctor” good looks. We were shucking ears that were indeed a great deal, and I guess the corn bucket at Walmart is as good a place as any to meet someone new. Before you start thinking that I must be one hot commodity, let me mention I was in sweats — not in designer brand, good-looking I-just-refreshed-my makeup-but-never-actually-work-out sweats, but real ones. You know, the kind that say, "I’m comfortable just the way I am and maybe skipped the shower this morning." But still, he looked at me like I was naked, and I actually was — at least, where it really counts in this kind of encounter. See, even though Mr. TV Doctor had a trained eye for good value on produce — a quality I admire in a man — I’m committed to shucking ears for someone else. During chemo, everything swelled, and now my ring finger — the one between pinky and middle — goes naked. I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore. I slipped it off just before my hand got so swollen that the local fire station would have had to use the Jaws of Life to pry it from a bulbous, clown-like finger. My sparkler languished on my nightstand for weeks, swallowed by the sea of prescription medicines, glasses of flat ginger ale, and books I thought I’d have
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  1. Yvonne says:

    Lovely! I also can not wear my wedding ring. I had it stretched. And then the lymphedema diagnosis came. The stretched ring no longer fit. I miss my ring. As a surprise my wonderful loving husband bought matching silicone rings. In purple my favorite color! I often forget to put it on and yet my husband always has his on. Seeing him wearing the purple ring always bring smiles and sometimes tears for what has been lost. Thank you so much for sharing.

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