Snow Angels, Ice Scrapers, and the Value of Telling Your Story

Snow Angels, Ice Scrapers, and the Value of Telling Your Story
“What’s this?” Lauren asked. She was holding up a plastic stick that was in the back seat of our rental car in Minneapolis. “That’s a windshield scraper,” my husband told her. “In some places, like here, it gets so cold that people actually have to scrape ice and snow off their windows so they can see to drive." “Wow, that is so cool!” Lauren exclaimed. “I can’t believe they included it for free with the car.” “Well, we signed up for an extra fancy rental,” Gary quipped. I flashed back to my Missouri days when I regularly planted high-heeled, nylon-clad feet into snowdrifts on my way to a Sentra that would be sluggish to start, hoping I’d allowed myself enough time to make it to work without being late. Back then, my job required women to defy winter with stockings and impractical shoes despite windchill factors that left frost in my hair. So, for me to leave the sunny comfort of California in the middle of January for the chilly wonderland of Minnesota, there had to be a compelling reason. And believe me, there was. When we arrived at our hotel, I felt the minus-6-degree air slap my face again on our way from the parking lot to the front door. How do people do it? Along the way, Lauren insisted on making snow angels on top of landscapes hidden under puffy whiteness. My husband groaned when he took off his gloves to snap a few photos. “Just hurry,” I told them both as I jumped up and down in place, trying to keep my blood moving. At
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