Sex and Breast Cancer: 5 Ways It Messes With Your Mojo

If you’re moving through an experience with breast cancer, the last thing you may want is someone touching your chest – or any other part of your body – for pleasure. Sexuality can take a hit as a result of any protracted illness, but breast cancer in particular presents unique challenges for getting your magic back. If you’re “not in the mood,” it might help to know how cancer could be influencing your mindset. Being aware of issues many cancer patients face can inspire you to be proactive in giving yourself a full recovery. Doing nothing will likely make the situation worse, and there’s lots of resources out there to help. So… take a look at this list. Then, plan a candlelit dinner for two and let the magic happen. Pain Chemo-induced menopause, hormone therapy, surgical scars and other medical treatments can leave you with dry vaginal walls and pain, making intimacy painful. But wait! There’s a cream for that... Don’t be shy. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and find out what will work for you. Stress, Depression and Anxiety Nothing kills the mood faster than a bad mood. If your teeth are clenched, your foot is tapping, and you can’t remember the last time you laughed out loud, chances are you could have a touch of depression or anxiety. According to the American Cancer Society, up to one in four cancer patients suffer from clinical depression. Don’t suffer in silence. Get the help you need so you and your partner can enjoy the full spectrum of a loving relationship. MORE: How
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