How to Improve Your Balance: 4 Equipment-Free Exercises You Can Do Now

Recovering from a breast cancer diagnosis is nothing short of a miracle, but the disease itself and its treatments can have a lingering impact. Balance can suffer as a result of neuropathy, a common side effect of chemotherapy, and surgeries can have a negative impact as well. These quick exercises don’t require any special equipment, and they take only a few minutes. To improve your balance after cancer, give them a try. Do the DUI walk of shame Motorists who get pulled over on the suspicion of impaired driving are sometimes asked to walk in a straight line. Police have the suspicious driver walk heel to toe, kind of like the way kids play on sidewalk curbs with their arms stretched out on either side like airplane wings. Doing this exercise at home can strengthen your balance, and you don’t have to get pulled over to do it. Just place one foot in front of the other, heel to toe, and walk 10 paces. Then, turn around and repeat the process going in the other direction. If you need support, use a wall, walking sticks, or a partner to make sure you don’t fall. MORE: Three easy recipes that use cancer-fighting veggies Stand on one leg This simple exercise takes no special equipment and very little time. Plant one foot firmly on the ground, visualizing your leg as the trunk of a sturdy tree, your roots set deep in the earth. Focus on a single image at eye level, like the hinge of a door or the back of a chair, and maintain your balance for as long as you can. For extra credit, you can pull the opposite heel into your bu
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