What Your Pet Can Teach You About Breast Cancer Recovery

We can learn a lot from the animals in our lives. Here’s what your pet can teach you about recovering from breast cancer: Be yourself A shaved head? Scars where a breast used to be? Tiny tell-tale tattoos designed for radiation techs to target your tumors? They’re all part of your beautiful story, physical proof of your inner strength and resilience. Your pet doesn’t need movie-star good looks to reinforce his self image and neither do you. Just like your pet, you are precious and lovable exactly the way you are. Live in the moment Your pet's not worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow. He’s too busy enjoying his favorite toy, person, or napping position. Take a lesson from your furry friend and enjoy the moment. Try to let go of the things you can’t control anyway. Take a walk Even a short walk can restore your soul. Put on a coat, put up an umbrella, and put down that electronic screen. Treat yourself to the new perspective that waits for you just outside your door. And even if roses are out of season in your neighborhood, your pet can show you that there’s always other fresh and interesting smells to stop and enjoy along the way. MORE: How to connect when you're feeling depressed Eat with enthusiasm Even if chemo is playing tricks with your tastebuds, watching your pet joyfully devour any morsel of food available can help you remember that food is one of life’s great pleasures. Find something palatable and enjoy it. Go outside After you’ve been outside on a beautiful day, do you ever notice how stuffy it feels when you come back home? Your pet knows it’s important to get fresh air and sunshine every day. Exercise is a good thing and speeds recovery, but going outside to get it heals your soul along with your body. Eve
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