A Memory Trip Brought Me Down a Rabbit Hole

A Memory Trip Brought Me Down a Rabbit Hole
I went down a rabbit hole yesterday. I suspect my husband does it all the time because he’s always coming up with obscure tidbits you'd only discover if you click, click, click, going deeper into topics that don’t have anything to do with what’s on your to-do. A writer friend of mine named Mike asked me about blogging, and I sent him a link to the blog my family kept while we lived in Costa Rica. We posted about everything. Gary shot crazy photos. There was one of a cellphone tower growing through the foyer of an apartment building like a palm tree. I wrote about losing our car keys in Nicaragua and the serviceman who wanted to use his hammer to unlock the door. Our daughter kept a video diary about surfing lessons and the iguana that got stuck in our toilet. Blogging was a fun way to capture our experiences. When I sent that link, I couldn’t help revisiting all of those memories. I clicked on one image after another, rabbit-hole style. That’s when I saw the photo of a sunrise hike I took one morning with my friend Beth. Beth had discovered the world’s largest labyrinth, which is tucked away in the jungle outside Tamarindo, a Costa Rican beach town. The two of us met there frequently to walk its winding paths, silently contemplating life’s big questions. Just beyond that labyrinth, towering mountains offered spectacular hikes and breathtaking views. One morning, we hired
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