Processed Meat Consumption Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Risk, Review Study Shows

Processed Meat Consumption Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Risk, Review Study Shows
Eating processed meat, such as sausage, ham, and bacon, but not red meat, on a regular basis is associated with a significantly increased risk of breast cancer, a review study suggests. The study, “Consumption of red and processed meat and breast cancer incidence: A systematic review and meta‐analysis of prospective studies,” was published in the International Journal of Cancer. Processed meat refers to meat that has been smoked, cured, salted, or processed in another way to enhance flavor or extend its shelf life. The World Health Organization has warned that consuming processed meat can increase the risk of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer, while it has referred to red meat as probably carcinogenic. Several studies have linked the consumption of processed and red meat with multiple cancers, including breast cancer, but others have found no association between them. Researchers have now reviewed all studies published before January 2018 that evaluated the association between eating processed and red meats and the occurrence of breast cancer. They analyzed the results of 15 studies evaluating the association between processed meat and breast cancer incidence, which included data from 37,070 breast cancer cases in more than 1.2 million women. Results showed that women eating the highest amount of processed meat (about 25-30 gra
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