Team Will Use $10K Award to Bring Anti-lymphedema Bra to Market

Team Will Use $10K Award to Bring Anti-lymphedema Bra to Market
A team of recent University of Iowa (UI) graduates who designed a bra to help breast cancer patients prevent a condition called lymphedema will use a $10,000 award to try to commercialize the undergarment. The prize from the Victoria’s Secret Pink GRL PWR Project will enable the newly minted biomedical engineers to file a patent for the “GAMA bra,” designed for those who have had a unilateral mastectomy — the removal of one breast. The plan is to sell the patent and design to an existing compression wear producer. In its first year, the Pink GRL PWR Project awarded 20 women ages 18–25 $10,000 each to realize their goals. The project received more than 5,000 applications. Winners were based on the extent to which each project empowered the applicant or others. The team designed the bra as part of last year’s College of Engineering senior design course. The class required students to identify a real-world unmet need, then design a product to meet it. The inventors, for whom the garment is named, include Genevieve Goelz, Anna Rodriguez, Maria Fernanda Larraga Martinez, and Ashten Sherman. According to the nonprofit organization, more than 32,000 unilateral mastectomies are performed annually. ”We know there’s a need for this,” Goelz said in a press releas
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