For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Life Image Offering Free Access to Mammosphere App

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Life Image Offering Free Access to Mammosphere App
Because access to prior mammograms is critical for women during all stages of breast health, Life Image is offering free membership during October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month — to its unique health management platform. At the same time, the global network for sharing clinical and imaging data is launching “My Data, My Rights,” a campaign aimed at heightening awareness of patients’ rights to obtain and own their health information, the importance of controlling personal health data, and information on how to gain records. Its health management app, called Mammosphere, allows women to electronically request their breast imaging records from physicians, store them securely, and share them with their care team. During routine screenings, records of previous screens are important in making comparisons. Their use is known to lower the number of false positives by 40-60 percent, the company reports, and to help physicians in spotting 30 percent of malignancies earlier that they might otherwise, when a cancer is more treatable. “We encourage women to own their medical records so they are free to share with a care team, advocate for their own health or to contribute to breast cancer research. Mammosphere is a unique tool that can overcome the many technical challenges of compiling diagnostic images and combining them with other data such as labs and reports,” Matthew A. Michela, Life Image’s president and CEO, said in a press rele
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