Gift Basket Company Raises $1,500 for Breast Cancer Group in 1st Fundraising Effort

Gift Basket Company Raises $1,500 for Breast Cancer Group in 1st Fundraising Effort (GBO) has announced that its inaugural fundraising campaign, “Gifts against Breast Cancer,” ended on a high note, raising over $1,500 for the National Breast Care Foundation (NBCF). The company plans to build on this campaign for future efforts.

For this campaign, GBO marked on its website a series of gifts displaying a pink ribbon — a symbol of  breast cancer (BC) awareness — from Mother’s Day through the end of June. GBO donated 10 percent of the retail cost of each purchased gift to NBCF.

“We’ve enjoyed working with NBCF very much; they are incredibly positive and easy to work with; we have tons of reassurance that they’re doing great work with the funds, so we definitely want to try for something again in the future. That having been said, we may not only focus on work with NBCF, we’re also keeping our eyes open for other great non-profit organizations who are having an impact on global issues,” a GBO marketing and relations team representative said in a press release. “It’s a very exciting time to be giving back.”

GBO has grown significantly in the past couple of years, and is looking for ways to thanks its community. “We’re just getting started with events and campaigns like this,” said Dmitriy Peregudov, GBO’s chief executive officer. “But we know that we’re only going to get better, and in the future be able to donate even more to such important causes.”

NBCF was founded in 1991 by Janelle Hail, a breast cancer survivor.  The nonprofit organization helps women by providing early detection programs like its  Early Detection Plan, educational programs, including a guide to BC facts called Beyond the Shock, and support services such as the free diagnostic services provider, National Mammography Program.