Anastacia’s Story: The Singer’s Interview After Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of women around the globe. Everyone can be affected by it, celebrities are not an exception. Find out about 17 celebrities who went through breast cancer in this article. Anastacia is one of these celebrities. The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 when she decided to reduce the size of her breasts due to back problems. In a routine exam to perform the surgery, a mammogram detected something amiss with her breasts. Having no time to waste, the singer decided to have surgery to remove the cancer tissue and went through radiation therapy to treat her disease. Read more about radiation therapy as a treatment for breast cancer. After finishing her treatment, Anastacia created the "Anastacia Fund" to raise awareness for breast cancer among women and children. Healthwise everything seemed to be back on track for the star, until ten years later, in 2013, she had to cancel her world tour because the cancer had returned. radio24 ge shared this video in 2013, an interview with Anastacia, after the singer had her second tumor removed from her breasts. In a touching testimony, Anastacia shares how she fought the disease and refused to let cancer win.   Watch another celebrity interview, Christina Appl
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