5 Steps for Breast Self-Exam

Learning how to self-examine your own breasts for changes is extremely important for all women — and men. Yes, men can get breast cancer, too. According to BreastCancer.Org there are five main steps to a breast self-exam.

Learn more about the signs and symptoms to look out for when doing a breast self-exam.


Step 1 – Check for visible differences.


Study how your breasts look in front of a large mirror with your arms by your side or on your hips. Look to see any changes in the normal appearance of your breasts and nipples. Check if they are the same size, color and shape as they usually are (bearing in mind that some women see changes in breast size during her menstrual cycle).

Changes that may need a doctor’s opinion include puckering or dimpling of the breasts or nipples; nipple change in direction such as inverted or pointing to one side; and any rash, soreness or unexplained redness.

Read more about skin irritations and dimpling as a symptom of breast cancer. 

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