5 Steps for Breast Self-Exam

Step 4 - Check for lumps.  You will need to lie down with one hand under your head. With your other hand begin to check the opposite breast (left hand, right breast), and vice versa. Using your index and middle fingers to gently move around the entire breast area - from the collarbone to underneath the breast and from the armpit to the cleavage - in small circular movements.  It doesn't matter what pattern you chose, be it left to right, up and down or circular so long as you meticulously cover the whole area. You will need to apply different amounts of pressure depending on the parts of the breast.  For the skin and tissue underneath the breast you will need just a light touch. For the middle of the breast you will need a firmer touch. For the outer edges of the breast, apply pressure firm enough so you can feel your ribcage underneath. Read more about breast lumps or masses as a symptom of breast cancer. 
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