Breast Cancer: Finding Comfort and Support on the Internet

Breast cancer patients can often feel lonely and isolated. Even though you have the support of loved ones around you, sometimes you can feel like they don’t understand what you’re going through, or that you might be burdening them if you want to talk about how the disease is affecting you emotionally.

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It’s during times like these that the internet can offer a wealth of support. From online forums to Facebook groups, the internet provides safe places where members of the breast cancer community can get together to share knowledge, experiences, provide emotional support and speak candidly about what they’re going through and feeling.

Our resident columnist, Nancy Brier, who had triple negative breast cancer, regularly draws strength from Facebook and offers her own advice and support to those who are on the same journey as she was two years ago. In this column, she talks about how other breast cancer patients and survivors are part of her healing process, and how she is also a part of their healing process. 

So if you’re feeling down and like you have nowhere to turn, you might want to consider looking online for a support group or forum where you can reach out to other women going through breast cancer treatment, or women who have come out the other side and are now in remission. These people can offer you hope and guidance and a virtual hand to hold.

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