Risks of Over-diagnosis in Breast Cancer Screening Not Fully Understood

Risks of Over-diagnosis in Breast Cancer Screening Not Fully Understood
Breast Cancer ScreeningAbout one-third of British women don't fully understand the risks involved in the chance of over-diagnosis in breast cancer screening through the British National Health Service breast screening program, new research showed. The findings suggest that further patient education for breast screening may be needed within the patient population. The National Cancer Institute describes over-diagnosis as true-positive mammography screenings that will not become clinically significant. “Over-diagnosed disease is a neoplasm that would never become clinically apparent without screening before a patient’s death," the institute explains in its official website. The new study, entitled, “A survey study of women’s responses to information about over diagnosis in breast cancer screening in Britain” and recently published in the British Journal of Cancer, focused on the concern that researchers have for how the public understands over-diagnosis in breast cancer screening, as well as on the uncertainty about the likely impact on screening participation. A research team led by Dr. Jo Waller from the Health Behaviour Research Centre at University College London analyzed how 2,272 women understood ove
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