Does Breast Cancer Risk Increase After Childbirth?

Does Breast Cancer Risk Increase After Childbirth?
shutterstock_145412335 (1)A group of researchers from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee, recently published a study entitled, “Efferocytosis produces a prometastatic landscape during postpartum mammary gland involution” in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, where they demonstrate that during the first 5 years after the birth of a child, women are at an increased risk of developing metastatic breast cancer. In the first postpartum years, women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have a higher probability of having a metastatic malignancy, which correlates with much poorer outcomes and low survival rates. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the malignant severity associated with postpartum breast cancers (ppBCs) are still not understood, but some available data correlate it with stromal wound-healing events during postpartum involution, a biological process where milk-producing mammary epithelial cells (MECs) begin to die through apoptosis. The research team used mice models of spontaneous and allografted mammary tumors and observed that postpartum involution was linked to mammary tumor metastasis and increased cell death both in MECs and in the tumor epi
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