XPAND Data On Breast Reconstruction To Be Presented At The ASPS Annual Meeting 2014

XPAND Data On Breast Reconstruction To Be Presented At The ASPS Annual Meeting 2014
shutterstock_189644099During the 2014 Plastic Surgery annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), AirXpanders Inc.'s will present its latest data from XPAND, a head-to-head pivotal study of AeroForm, the company’s needle-free tissue expansion system for mastectomy patients undergoing breast reconstruction. The conference, currently taking place in Chicago, will also be the stage for the presentation of several separate analyses and studies investigating the impact of air travel and radiation therapy on patients with the AeroForm expanders implanted. Women diagnosed with breast cancer who have to undergo mastectomy and want to have breast cancer reconstructive surgery can face a lengthy and painful process with the commonly used, needle-based, saline tissue expanders. To address this unmet medical need, AirXpanders developed the AeroForm tissue expander, a patient controlled breast tissue expander that comes equipped with a small handheld wireless controller that administers small amounts of CO2 into the device, stretching the skin to accommodate a permanent breast implant. This method eliminates the need for percutaneous saline injections, shortens tissue expansion time from months to weeks, reduces pain and discomfort experienced by patients, can improve cosm
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