FUJIFILM To Present Aspire Cristalle Breast Imaging Technology at RSNA 2014

FUJIFILM To Present Aspire Cristalle Breast Imaging Technology at RSNA 2014

shutterstock_196939100FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., will present its technology platform, the Aspire Cristalle, during the 100th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

FUJIFILM Medical Systems maintains the world’s  largest installed base of digital mammography systems, and Aspire Cristalle is the company’s newest digital mammography system, that incorporates innovative Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) image capture technology and intelligent image processing, optimizing contrast and dose based on breast density. This results in incomparable imaging, optimized contrast, low dose and fast acquisition time.

“Aspire Cristalle nicely represents our latest culmination of imaging innovation and attention to every detail in design,” Rob Fabrizio, director of marketing and product development, Digital x-ray and Women’s Health, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., said in a press release. “The Aspire Cristalle will deliver brilliant images with gentle dose, while redefining the patient experience through a notably more comfortable exam.”

The improved Aspire technology includes the company’s patented Comfort Paddles, that present soft edges, flexible composition and special contours specifically designed to allow for more comfortable mammograms. These paddles adjust to each individual breast shape and ensure sufficient compression for ideal tissue separation.

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Aspire Cristalle also integrates with the company’s Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP), a detector pixel design that can provide higher acquisition efficiency for better detail. The image quality of the system is improved due to the company’s image processing platform iAEC (intelligent automatic exposure control) combined with ISC (image based spectrum conversion). These two technologies can analyze the breast tissue to detect glandular characteristics, detect implants to improve dose and processing, and fine tune contrast to precisely adapt to all breast types.

“Fujifilm is constantly innovating to develop the most advanced digital mammography systems, to assist in the early detection of breast cancer,” Timothy M. Gustafson, RT (R), director of Imaging Service at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, California added in the press release. “Aspire Cristalle brings together Fujifilm’s extensive research, expertise and experience. The technology allows us to continue our mission – providing comprehensive cancer care for our community, combining sophisticated technology with a warm, caring touch.”