Breast Tissue Stiffness Is Related To Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Tissue Stiffness Is Related To Breast Cancer Risk
shutterstock_196939100In a recent study titled “Evidence That Breast Tissue Stiffness Is Associated with Risk of Breast Cancer”, published in PlosOne, a group of researchers from the Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research, Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Canada, evaluated the relation between breast stiffness and breast cancer risk. Forces derived from the physical interaction between cells can have an effect on cellular functions, such as cell growth, survival, motility and differentiation, and lead to an increased tissue stiffness. Because breast cancer is associated with an increase in breast tissue stiffness, previous studies have hypothesized that the actual mechanical properties of the tissue can have an impact in the risk of breast cancer development. In fact, experimental evidence from animal models has already shown that cancer invasion and progression increases proportionally to the stiffness of mammary tissue. Women who have dense breasts have a 4–6 fold greater risk of developing breast cancer, and broad mammographic density is linked to a higher number of cells and an increased amount of collagen, which may exacerbated breast tiss
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