Review of Available Treatments For Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Review of Available Treatments For Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
shutterstock_214055650In a recent article published in the current issue of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, researchers reviewed the current state of available treatments for patients with locally advanced breast cancer (LABC). LABC constitutes a heterogeneous entity that includes advanced-stage primary tumours, cancers with wide nodal involvement and inflammatory breast carcinomas that are difficult to treat. A high proportion of patients suffering from this condition relapse and many do not survive, making it vital to evaluate available treatments. In the review titled “Management of locally advanced breast cancer—perspectives and future directions,” researchers argued there is an urgent need to standardize treatments and to develop therapies to improve clinical outcomes.

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Dr. Konstantinos Tryfonidis, EORTC Clinical Research Physician and lead author of this review said in a recent news release, "Locally advanced breast cancer is a term that includes a wide variety of breast tumors ranging from large operable cancers with extensive nodal involvement to inflammatory breast carcinomas. Indeed, some large operable breast tumors could fit in these categories, but we decided to limit our d
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