Breast Cancer Patients Should Be Monitored For Thyroid Cancer After Radiotherapy

Breast Cancer Patients Should Be Monitored For Thyroid Cancer After Radiotherapy
shutterstock_241151824Based on a retrospective analysis, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center reported an increased incidence of thyroid cancer among patients with breast cancer. The results were presented during the session “Thyroid/HPT Axis-Clinical/Translational” of the Endocrine Society's 97th annual meeting in San Diego, March 5-8, 2015, entitled “Increased Incidence of Thyroid Cancer Among Breast Cancer Survivors: An Analysis of the SEER 9-Database.” Previous studies had already suggested a relationship between breast and thyroid cancers. In this new study, researchers analyzed a database (SEER-9) with 499,402 breast cancer patients and 53,853 thyroid cancer patients from 1990-2011. They found that the incidence of thyroid cancer among breast cancer patients was higher in comparison to the general population. Normally, thyroid cancer developed in patients at a median of five years after breast cancer. They also found that those patients who developed thyroid cancer after surviving breast cancer had a more aggressive type of disease compared to thyroid only cancer patients.

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The study recommended systematic annual thyroid exam after a breast cancer diagnosis, especially for those who underwent radiotherapy. This type of treatment is highly effective f
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