‘Sir, You Need a Mammogram.’ … What?!

‘Sir, You Need a Mammogram.’  … What?!
"Sir, you need a mammogram." Hearing those words from my doctor was shocking. Why? Because I am a not a woman. I felt as if I was in an episode of the television show Punk'd and that Ashton Kutcher would pop out of his hiding place, laughing, and declare “Steve, you've been punk'd!” Well, he didn’t. So, let's start at the beginning. It was a dark and stormy night … No it wasn’t, but I always wanted to start a story like that. Actually, it was a bright, sunny morning and I was drinking my coffee, getting ready to start my day. I jumped in the shower and … I felt it. A lump on my left pec area. Oh, great, I thought, a cyst or a bump. Not a great place to have it, rather near my heart. So, I got out of the shower and called my doctor. Later that day, I showed my family doctor the lump I had found that morning. He examined it, and then told me this wasn’t his specialty, and I needed to go to another medical center to have it thoroughly checked. Quickly. The next day, I arrived at the new medical center a bit early, so I began checking my emails and making some business calls. This kept me busy, but I did notice a lot of women coming into the building. So, I Googled the name of medical center and the first search response that came up was "Breast Center for Women." Oh, great, I thought. My doctor sent me to the wrong place. I called the doctor's office to ask for the correct address, certain this was a mistake. The nurse assured me I was at the correct place. What?! Really? This is going to be an interesting day. As I entered the medical offices, I was directed to an area to pre-register, then to another area to fill out some paperwork. I received my clipboard with "new patient" forms (or so I thought at the time), sat down
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  1. Alan Herbert says:

    There are several similar circumstances to my experience Steve. especially the forms asking about pregnancies last menstruation. and no family history of Cancer in any form. Mine was almost certainly caused by my work with Radiation. I was a bit further down the line. at stage 3 idc./ I found my lump scratching an itch.. and no a mammogram is definitely not nice. but plunging into the world of breast cancer a so called” Womens “disease is something else. Thats why I wrote “the Pink unicorns of male breast cancer.”to raise awareness.

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