Finally on the Road to Recovery After Mastectomy, Hematoma Surgery

Finally on the Road to Recovery After Mastectomy, Hematoma Surgery
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono After my double mastectomy, I developed a hematoma on my right breast. The pain felt worse than labor and recovery from a C-section. Each time I moved, I felt pain, and even when I stayed still I could feel pain. After a restless first night at the hospital, I was happy to be examined by a doctor in the morning so I could be pain-free. My husband, Jeff, never left my bedside. I knew he felt terrible that I had so much pain, and he couldn't do much about it. Before the doctor came in, Jeff helped me order breakfast. I hadn't eaten real food in almost 36 hours. He set up his laptop on my bed so we could watch a movie. Between the heavy medication and pain, I fell in and out of sleep. He held my left hand as I went through everything. The doctor on call came into my room finally. I told him about my pain, and I thought something wasn't right. He took a look and calmly told us that I needed an operation immediately because I had developed a hematoma. He said that a hematoma can cause intense pain and after the operation I'd feel a lot better. He quickly contacted my surgeon who did the mastectomy. Within 10 minutes he arrived in my room, as did the breakfast that I now could not eat because I was heading to surgery. My surgeon also was extremely apologetic as he examined me to confirm the hematoma. Before too long, everyone who needed to be there for surgery arrived. Fox Chase hospital usually doesn't perform surgeries on weekends unless it's an emergency. The nurse
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  1. loris says:

    I just underwent a tram flap breast cancer reconstruction surgery and a month after that I needed a skin graph under the left breast because of previous radiation treatment in 1997. it left quite a hole on me. my concern is the top of the breast there is quite a large hematoma it is painful my surgeon has drained it once but it is still large. the pain is bearable but there. he saw me last week and said nothing he did examine it though. he said to apply an ice pack for short periods. but did not say how long until it would go down or away. any answers out there? or suggestions? or help of any kind? any home remedies?

    • marie says:

      My mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap was nearly 6 months ago and I still have a painful hematoma, along with multiple painful areas of fat necrosis.
      Sorry I couldn’t provide you with a more optimistic comment.

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