Go Off the Beaten Path to Follow Your Dream

Go Off the Beaten Path to Follow Your Dream
Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo As I sit here in Starbucks drinking my peppermint mocha with coconut milk (which is awesome — try it!) and watching the snow fall, listening to Let It Go by James Bay, I am smiling. Why? Because I feel more alive now than I did before cancer.  Before cancer, I was just going through life. You know, the motions, but not really living, just being. Now, after cancer, I am looking at life differently, not taking anything for granted.  I used to hate the snow. I hated driving in it. Now, I love it. I love how the snow falls and how quiet it gets at night when it snows. So peaceful.   So, I want to talk about something new. I am not a religious dude. I have a relationship with God. I talk to Him like I talk to my best friend. Have you ever said “Thank you” to Him? Have you ever thanked Him for giving you a chance to live life again after cancer, or for helping you while you are going through it? The next time you are at the park doing your dai
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