Breast Self-Exams: Lie Down AND Stand Up

Breast Self-Exams: Lie Down AND Stand Up
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono As many women hear from their doctors and friends, and on television and radio, early detection of breast cancer is crucial. Breast self-exams have detected thousands of breast cancer cases early, empowering women to take more control of their physical health. Teenagers are now being prompted to do monthly  breast self-exams to find anything that might be unusual. But what if the method of doing the monthly self-exams is missing something crucial? I recently read a very interesting article about a woman, Hayley Browning, who did self-exams regularly. She did her exam as instructed, standing up in the shower. Then she also did the exam lying down. Thankfully, she did lie down because she didn't discover a lump until she was lying on her back. Now she is advocating to teach women to do self-exams lying down. Neither the standard monthly exams, nor the illustrated laminated card that is recommended to hang in your shower, teach you to lie down to do a breast self-exam. When doctors examine you for breast cancer, they check you in a number of ways. During the examination, you sit up and lie down, so why not do this check at home? Luckily for Hayley Browning, she found the lump lying down and unfortunately it was cancer. Yet, fortunately, she caught the cancer in time so it could be treated. She said she could not feel the lump in any o
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