Bamboo Bra Helps Aid Recovery for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer patients in the U.K. are being given bamboo bras to help them recover from breast cancer surgery.

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According to a report in the Express, the National Health Service is giving the bras to women following their breast cancer surgery because they have been proven to help prevent post-surgery infections.

The bras also provide women with extra support and comfort which regular bras can’t do. The soft fiber from the bamboo plant was found to have antibacterial properties in clinical trials which could help the 10 percent of women who get infections following mastectomies in the U.K.

The bras are made by an Irish company and cost £41 (US $51)—a considerable saving as it’s estimated that it costs more than £1,400 to treat a mastectomy infection. All mastectomy patients in the U.K. will be fitted with one of the bras immediately after the procedure.

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