Breast Cancer Has a Way of Sneaking Up On You

Breast Cancer Has a Way of Sneaking Up On You
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Breast cancer is a sneaky sickness that likes to fool you. When I was diagnosed I would forget at times that I even had cancer. Breast cancer doesn't usually hurt you physically; it basically just exists, grows and tries to destroy you. Most people won't know you have it unless they know you or have been told. You might experience surprise when breast cancer comes to mind when you least expect it. You are never alone if this happens to you. Just try to keep your mind focused and calm. Knowing that you have breast cancer is overwhelming enough, but presented to you when you least expect it can leave you confused and dazed. Grocery shopping is such a mundane task that you rarely think you might be confronted with breast cancer. I remember shopping, and then there it was — pink ribbon merchandise for purchase. My  realization of breast cancer came to my mind, my stomach sank, and I had no desire to shop anymore. But there is hope and awareness to bring you through the dark feelings. Being around friends is wonderful and is an excellent support. Usually you talk about your life, career, relationships and children. Then breast cancer has a sneaky way of interfering in your normally friendly conversations. Do you talk about breast cancer too much? Too little? Do your friends want to talk about it? Decisions. But then you know that true friends always want to listen and be there for you. Friends are friends, and if they don't want to hear about one of the bigges
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