Afraid No More! Photo Shoot Helps to Reclaim Body Image

Afraid No More! Photo Shoot Helps to Reclaim Body Image
Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo After the surgeries and chemo and whatever else has been thrown my way, I have suffered from a body image issue. Like women, men also can suffer from the same issues when it comes to body image. No one should discount us because we are men, or because they think losing our pecs is not as significant as a women losing their breasts. I know what it is like to receive stares, as well as be mocked, when I remove my shirt at a pool. Initially, I was never going to show my scars in public. I was embarrassed, ashamed, alone and devastated. I had no one to turn to. There are no support groups for men who have gone through breast cancer. And I am not sure if I would have used one if it was offered. Anyway, back to the image problem. To overcome this, I did a photoshoot about three months after my last day of chemo. The photographer, Alan Lang, took 150 pics of me with my shirt on and off in a boxing theme.  I was going to use some of them for my char
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