Reinventing Yourself After Cancer: What Drives You?

Reinventing Yourself After Cancer: What Drives You?

Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo
As most of you know already, I am in the process of reinventing myself. For the past four years I have been advocating for my cancer foundation, Protect The Pecs, in an effort to raise awareness about male breast cancer. It is still going well. I take part in some local events, write articles and spread awareness, but I want to do more with my life.

It has been established that Steve Del Gardo is a breast cancer survivor, but I don’t want that to define my existence. I am more than that. I am not saying it is a bad thing. It is a badge of honor, however, I am ready to see what else awaits my future.

So, as I’ve mentioned in few previous columns, my dream is to be a coffee shop owner. That always has been my dream and passion. It has taken 30 years to finally get what I always wanted. Sometimes we go through life never knowing what we can accomplish, often because we let fear control us. We let fear, which is only in our present, in our future. Fear is never in our past. It is what we make up in our mind. We must change that thinking.

I had to change. I had to finally say to myself that I should not be listening to the naysayers. I control my destiny; no one else does. I listen to motivational videos every single day. I recommend that each of you do the same. I listen to ‘The Best Motivational Videos Ever – 2 Hour Playlist‘ quite often.

I already achieved my dream in starting a great foundation. That was my dream after I beat cancer — to help those who are still fighting, and raising awareness and education about male breast cancer. I did it. Now it is time to do what I love. I am following my heart. It is not about finding the love of my life. It is about doing what I love. And that is seeing friends and family come together, and share life’s stories over great food, coffee and music at Del Gardo’s Coffee Bar

Cancer has taught me to fight for what I want in life. It has made be stronger. It has taught me to live my life with passion, and not to take life for granted. Life is too short. God kicked me in the ass, but I love the lesson. I get it! I used that pain to help people. I didn’t give up, I got up! I believe that He wants me to do more in my life. I am always striving to do more. I will use my coffee shop to spread awareness about breast cancer in men and women. It isn’t about one gender anymore, it is about all of us.

My advice to each of you is to get out of your comfort zone and go chase your dreams. Don’t let your cancer be your chain anymore. Break free. What drives you? What are you going to do with the time you have left on this Earth? Are you going to be angry every day, and point fingers at those who made you angry? Listen to yourself. Some of you are in pain. I understand that, but don’t let life wear you down. Each of you have a fighting spirit. I know that. Don’t quit and don’t settle.

Never give up. Take a chance and achieve your dream. Live your life to its fullest, and make it spectacular.

My name is Steve Del Gardo. Dream Achiever. Survivor/Warrior of Life. Read my story at


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