10 Tips for Getting Through Chemo

10 Tips for Getting Through Chemo
Chemo! Yikes! If you’re starting chemotherapy soon, you might be freaking out. But before you do, remember that lots of people have braved this path before you and many more will follow. Here’s what I learned along the way. I hope these lessons will help as you take this leap toward recovery. 1. Chemo Is Scary.

Knowledge is power when living with breast cancer.

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  1. yvonne switajewski says:

    i have been there, two times now in the past 3 years…great advice. One thing I can add from experience…STAY BUSY!!! So, your mind stays off what you are dealing with!!

  2. Sue says:

    I will keep this article with me to remind me to look forward. I am staying positive and Counting down the days until chemo ends. This to shall pass, thank you for the tips.

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