How To Help Your Mom During A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

How To Help Your Mom During A Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Even though my children were young when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew they wanted to be there for me. I have completed a bit of research on how cancer affects the parent-child relationship. One of the biggest questions most children have, no matter their age, is "How can I help my mom through cancer?" No matter how old you might be, hearing your mother has cancer can be scary and emotionally devastating. Your mom has been with you your entire existence, and the idea of losing her seems almost impossible. But please keep in mind that a breast cancer diagnosis is not an automatic death sentence, not by a long shot. Survival rates are increasing by the day, and so are new treatment options, with researchers working around the clock. Breathe and think with cautious optimism. Before we talk about the specifics of how you can help your mother, I want to tell you what your mom needs more than anything. Your mother wants you to take care of yourself, and to never quit on your goals. Yes, she wants you to be there for her and see you. However, she does not want you to stop your life by helping her with her life. As a mother who had cancer, I wanted my children to have fun and keep their normal routine as much as possible. I had children so they would grow to be strong and independent, kind people. It would have killed me if they were crying all the time, or constantly worried about my health. That said, these are some other things that can do to h
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