On Losing My Good Friend Maia

On Losing My Good Friend Maia
Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo This is another tough article to write. As I started on this venture four years ago, I didn’t realize the possibility of losing friends along the way. I would always read on Facebook messages from other survivors about loved ones and friends who passed away due to breast cancer. It would affect me as well, but I never knew them personally. I would just read those words, “Another breast cancer fighter gained her wings today.” It has become a daily occurrence. It started to numb me to the core. So many people dying from this horrible disease every day. That's about 110 people per day, which is about 40,000 per year?! What?!   But then something happened that hit me close to home. That numbness that I described a few minutes ago? Well, no more. A good friend of mine passed away in her sleep from Stage 4 Mets. This surprised me because we would talk for hours on the phone all the time. She never told me that she was that sick. I think she didn’t want me to worry, so we would talk about life’s other interesting things. She loved talking about everything from her nephew Jack to her foundation Pink Sister Soldier
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