Healing Your Soul from Breast Cancer

Healing Your Soul from Breast Cancer

It isn’t unusual for someone to suffer from a blow to their self-esteem after a breast cancer diagnosis. Why does this happen? Well, breast cancer can cause many physical issues, and can even have an impact on your soul.

Breast cancer is a harsh reality of our immortality; it leaves our bodies scarred no matter what treatment we might need, or choose to have. The person you once were has a new outlook, and often a new physical appearance.

Handling yourself will decide how you heal and grow as a person. I have compiled a list of self-healing ideas to help with your well-being. these can be done for the rest of your life from the moment you receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Why the rest of your life? Because even when breast cancer is gone from your body, you are affected and changed forever. Self-care and recognition will help you heal and be the person you choose to be.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. I am sure you have heard this saying many times before. Personally, I had no idea what that really meant until I was older. Every day we wake up, take a breath and rise. We have a new opportunity to become the person we always wanted to be. We can try being the person we always planned on being. Breast cancer has a way of making you live in the present.

You are beautiful. Breast cancer damages your body. Radiation, chemotherapy, medicine and mastectomies cause an array of issues and scars on your once-familiar body. You may look at yourself and think you are not attractive, and wonder if you will get yourself back again. However, despite how you feel, the fact remains you are beautiful just the way you are. Your body tells a story about a very strong person who has battled an incredibly difficult sickness. You will come back better than ever because your beauty shines through in your strength.

You can wear your normal clothes again. There are some misconceptions regarding clothing, and having a mastectomy or double mastectomy. Wearing an underwire bra is not recommended because fitting your breast into the molded contours becomes fairly impossible. As you probably noticed, breast implants do not move. They basically just sit wherever they were placed. An underwire bra is not comfortable, and the wire can rub against skin and incision area. There are many other bras that you can wear comfortably and still feel attractive in. Other clothes are fine to wear and fit the same as they did before. So, please do not throw away all of your clothes. Wear them proudly and beautifully.

Find healing in your family and friends. Support really can go a long way when healing from breast cancer. There are survivorship support groups that you can go to and ask questions. Even if you only listen because you feel like you aren’t ready to speak, it can be an incredible comfort knowing that you aren’t alone. Hearing how others have healed can provide you with comfort, and may even help you heal.

Time, patience and care will get you on the road to recovery.


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