6 Things to Know About Using Medicinal Marijuana

Using cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes is a hot topic right now among patients and health practitioners. It’s regularly touted as a pain reliever for many chronic illnesses, including cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, here are some of the facts about medical marijuana and its suggested uses: It’s grown all over the world. The plant

Knowledge is power when living with breast cancer.

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  1. Andy Dubois says:

    Your essay is old news. Smoking pot prevented nausea from the 8 week course of AZT chemo for me. I didn’t lose any hair either. I had excellent care for my stage II B ductal. A radical right mastectomy, chemo and 33 hits of radiation. 7 yrs and 2 grand children later, I consider myself a survivor. Breast cancer was an adventure for me.

    • Sydney says:

      Ms. Dubois, my mother died of brain cancer when I was 3. I remember her losing her beautiful, beloved hair and being so nauseated especially on holidays. Your personal testimony has moved me. Ever since I found out about medical marijuana, I wondered how or if it could help her, especially in her last days. If you are comfortable, I would be honored to interview you.

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