Faith Reaffirmed with a Piece of Key Lime Pie

Faith Reaffirmed with a Piece of Key Lime Pie
A Lump in the Road column When a doctor told me I’d be dead in three months, maybe six, I started to see the world in a different way. My husband and I drove home mostly in silence from that bleak office visit. That oncologist, the only one who agreed to see me in the immediate chaos of the new healthcare law, required $300 cash for his expertise. “You might get lucky and wind up with a Frankenboob,” he said. I remember wanting a refund. The next morning, I made tea and wandered upstairs where our daughter slept in a room as beautiful as any in a glossy magazine. Her pink comforter blossomed with flowers and butterflies. Pastel curtains blocked sunlight from seven windows. Our restoration project, years of painstaking work, rewarded me every time I walked into that space. It was one of my favorite rooms in our century-old home. Every day, mourning doves cooed my daughter awake. That morning with tea in hand, I listened, too, my senses alert to the rhythmic low notes, the mournful but life-affirming call of the doves. I knew they were etching a memory on my daughter’s soul and that, fifty years from now, when she hears that sound again, she’ll be transported to her storybook childhood in our tiny town and the loving security of that space. But how would she fare without me? Some religions advocate a great ah-ha moment; a single instant of being born again, a life-changing before and after moment. For me, faith is more like an aging bottle of wine. Sometimes it tastes distinctl
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  1. Rufus Butler says:

    I am a 38 year retired USAFR military vet, it made tears come to my eyes. I can understate as my wife and I are living thru TNBC. We have hope, love and faith.

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