4 Topics to Discuss With Your Doctor After a Cancer Diagnosis

If you've just been diagnosed with cancer (or know someone who has) then you will no doubt have a multitude of questions that you want answered, on top of trying to deal with a plethora of different emotions. Your doctor should be your first point of call when it comes to getting all the information you need about your cancer and your treatment. Based on information from the American Cancer Society, we've come up with a list of questions you should ask your doctor. These questions will help get you the information you need about the disease and what you can expect moving forward. MORE: Seven tips for caregivers and families of cancer patients About Your Cancer You will need to ascertain what type of cancer you have, what stage it's at and the parts of the body that have been affected. Ask your doctor if it's an aggressive type that might be quick to spread or a slow-growing type and what the prognosis is. About Your Treatment Find out the treatment options available to you and if you need surgery. You need to know about possible side effects, how the treatments work, what the different medications are called and what they do, and whether or not the treatment will cure the cancer or simply manage the symptoms. You'll want to ask how long the treatment will take and how soon you'll know if it's working. You'll also want to ask financial questions, like the treatment cost and if insurance will cover it. About Your Health Team You'll want to learn everything you can about the people who will be taking care of you and overseeing your treatment: Does your doctor treat many patients with your typ
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