Artificial Intelligence Tested to Improve Mammogram Screening

Artificial Intelligence Tested to Improve Mammogram Screening
Researchers in the United Kingdom are launching a project to study if artificial intelligence (AI) could improve the detection of breast cancer in mammograms. If successful, AI-based screening is expected to lower the rates of cancers missed at clinical screenings and reduce the rates of false-positive cases. "Ultimately, we want this kind of technology to benefit patients and it may be a number of years until this kind of approach is used,” Ara Darzi, MD, a professor and director of the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, said in a press release. “But if these initial trials prove successful, AI could make screening services for cancer far more efficient and improve outcomes,” he said. Mammography screening programs are a standard way to detect breast cancer in women. But current methods are not without flaw, and researchers said that thousands of cancers are missed each year. Researchers at Imperial College London and the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, will work with experts on AI at DeepMind Health, the AI health research team at Google, and the Cancer-Research UK funded OPTIMAM mammography database at the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to explore the issue. “This partnership marks an exciting exploration of the potential for artificial intelligence in healthcare," said Darzi. Since AI,
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