My Christmas Wish for Cancer Patients

My Christmas Wish for Cancer Patients
A Lump in the Road column “It’s Dr. Seuss meets Charlie Brown,” my friend Jessie said. She was talking about our Christmas tree. Cancer had robbed us of our free time, and the holiday crept up on us like a thief in the night. We were unprepared. So, my husband and daughter wandered into the forest near our house, found an awkward-looking pine branch that was once part of a majestic towering tree, and tossed it into the back of our truck. When they got home, they jammed it into a bucket of water, strung up a few lights and assembled a train around the trunk. “It’s weird,” Lauren said while she dangled a giant snowflake ornament on one of the limbs. “But our family is kind of weird, too, so I guess it’s OK.” From the glow on her face, I knew she loved the adventure we were having, the crazy outside-the-box Christmas we were creating on the fly. Gary and Lauren’s cheeks were pink from the chill in the air, and they made hot chocolate from packets that never would have crossed my threshold if my health were better. Generally, I’m a stickler for pure food. Later that night, we hosted our annual cookie exchange, an extravagance of
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